About Fernando Hernández

altFernando is a former Danish champion in salsa, and one of the most famous salsa dancers in Denmark. He has danced at shows in several countries in Europe and South America. Fernando is a trained in various Salsa Styles such as L.A-, N.Y., Night Club and Cuban Style. Fusion, Modern and Dominican Bachata Style. Expressiveness, energy, and elegance is typical for his way of dancing.
He is from Chile, and as a  real Latin American, he has the rhythm in his blood.

  • Danish champion in salsa 2004
  • Copenhagen champion in salsa 2002
  • Professional Showdancer and Choreographer
  • International salsa teacher since 1990
  • Zumba instructor
  • Latin DJ

 Fernando's aim is to make people really dance, moving themselves and using their body, not just "walking around" to music only doing arm movements. He has taught salsa to many students in Europe and South America, and he also has experience from teaching at International Salsa Congresses in Europe.
"Some people say they can’t dance. But I know I can teach everyone to dance salsa! Over the years I’ve had plenty of students saying they don’t have talent for dancing, but some of them are even teaching salsa today!

When I’m teaching  it’s important for me to make them dance good in a short time. I help my students to discover their own talent and to develop a sense for the music, the technique, and their personal style.

The reason why I’m teaching is very simple: I love dancing and I have been dancing all my life. It’s a great to see my students improving fast and to see how they are enjoing the dance more and more. Salsa is not only about moving your body to the music, it’s also a great way to be social, to take care of your soul and to feel great.
Fernando Hernandez

Professional Latin DJ:
When Fernando is preparing a new salsa show, he always makes the choreography himself. Because he commands various Latin dances such as Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, Bachata, Bachata-Tango, Merengue Regueton.and Kizomba, he always mixes different dances into the Salsa. After working as a Latin DJ for several years, he knows how to mix the right music, whether it is for a Salsa show or for one of his many classes.