Advance Class

Address: "Salsabrava Dance Studio"
Fbr. svømmehal, t.h. tag trappen 2 sal (Helgesvej 29,  2000 Frederiksberg)
Frederiksberg Metro station. Bus 2 A (Aksel Moellers Have bus stop).
Price: 500 Kr. p/person –  900 kr p/couple - 400 kr. students. (6 times x 1h.)

Questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are looking forward to dance with you!
Payment: Via netbank transfer system (Reg nr 2112, konto nr 0751675119), Mobile-Pay or bring the cash to the first class.

Do you want to join us? Sign up already today. The number of participants is limited and the registration has already started! Send an email to iThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send a sms to 22 49 58 34.


Salsa L.A. Style:   Monday (Once a week)  (6 times x 1 h.)
 12/11 - 10/12-18  
Advanced            19:30  
Next season class:  Monday 21/01-19 



Salsa Cuban Style: Tuesday (Once a week)  (6 times x 1 h.)
 13/11 - 11/12-18  
Advanced            19:30 
Next season class:  Tuesday 22/01-19


Bachata classes: Wednesday  (6 times x 1 h
Start: 14/11- 12/12-18 
Advanced            19.30
Next season class: Wednesday 23/01.19

New Salsa & Bachata classes for advanced dancers with Salsabrava…with a teacher for both male and female style and with a new program!

On Mondays 12/11/18  we start up with an intensive new class for advanced dancers. We will teach new combinations and techniques that have never been taught in Denmark before. If you like Salsa education on a high level, breaks to relax and mingle and to have both male and female teacher, you should definitely  join the class! Below you can se the detailed program.

You will learn:
- Sensual high level combinations and how to make elegant dips and drops. There will also be some impressive tricks you can use safely and elegantly on the dance floor. The footwork will be showed in both male and female version. They are entertaining to watch, but even more fun to do!


- You will learn how to dance with creativity and how to connect even better with your dance partner. We will bring your different spinning techniques to perfection and show how you can use them in different dancing situations. We will work with development of your personal style and systematically go thru different dancing techniques.

- We will show the female students different advanced footwork and hand shines especially for the ladies (lady styling) . They can be used for freestyle or together with your dance partner. Fernando also will go thru footwork and how to dance with a “macho attitude” for the males students. We will make some isolation and coordination exercises.

-  Combination with dip, isolation exercises, the characteristics of the cross body style
-  Combination with a trick, spinning techniques, footwork
-  Combination with drop, ladies footwork, how to adapt your dance to the music
-  Combination with a dip, footwork, the characteristics of the cross body style
-  Combination, spnning techniques, hand shines for ladies
-  Combination with trick, ladies footwork,
-  Combination with drop, footwork, how to adapt your dance to the music
-  Combination, footwork.

We will start all the classes with a short recapitulation of the combinations and footwork we did the week before. This will help you to remember what you learn and to bring your style to perfection!
We can also make a short break to give you the chance to relax for some minutes so you can easily keep the concentration thru the whole session. This is also a great possibility for you to mingle and to get to know the other students better if you feel for it.

We teach the elegant and popular Salsa “cross body style on 1” , Cuban Salsa and Bachata.

Fernando Hernández

Bachata classes: (Sensual and Dominican Bachata)
Start: Sunday    28/01-18  - 11/02-18 (7 weeks x 1 h.)   
Advanced               16:00  
Next season class: