5 steps

The 5 steps to how Salseros can get happy feet in just one week!


altDo you love dancing Salsa? Me too! But the day I lost the sensation in two of my toes because of too tight shoes, I realized how important it is to take care of the feet. If you follow these five steps, you can get happy feet in a week and avoid sore feet in the future.

The DJ plays your favorite Salsa songs, your dance partner is as tailor made for you and there are several hours before the party ends. But then suddenly the pain shoots up from the ball of you foot all the way up your leg and starts to hurt so much that you have to leave you dance partner even in the middle of the song! When you step out of the car you can barely walk to your front door! The next morning, you have to limp to the bathroom and afterwards call the doctor to get an appointment. Several professional dancers worldwide have shortened or ruined their careers because they waited too long to take care of something that could have been prevented with quality shoes, exercises and massage.

I really hope you have never been in this situation. But if we don’t treat our feet well, this can be the result. For me the eye opener was when I lost all the sensation in two of my toes. I went immediately to my foot therapist and with her advice, my feet problems dissolved like snow in the sun in just one week.
The reason why foot problems occur is because many shoes interfere with the natural way you walk. The walking is a rolling movement that starts from the heel and then goes over to the outside of the foot and ends at the big toe. Especially high heels leads to an unnaturally way to walk due to the fact that the walking now only consists of to parts: First the heel and then the toes hits the floor. The rolling movement is as good as impossible in high heels. Often the tip of the shoes is pressing the toes together and the area which takes the most of the weight when we walk is getting smaller. In the worst case case this can reduce the blood circulation and the lack of sensation. On top of that many shoes have a thin heel which leads to a lack of balance and stability. So what is the solution? To throw away you shoes and dance barefeet instead? No, you don’t necessary have to go to extremes. If you follow these five steps, you can get happy feet in a week and avoid sore feet in the future!

1. Massage:
A foot massage improves the blood circulation in you feet. You can either massage your feet soles with your hands or with a massage ball. In the beginning the feet can be a bit sore, but it will disappear when you have done it a couple of times. A foot massage can also do wonders to help you to relax your whole body.

2. Keep your feet warm:
When you keep your feet warm you’ll support the blood circulation in your feet and legs. Remember warm socks at home, warm shoes for walking and leg warmers when you practice.

3. Shoes:
It’s tempting only to invest the money in fancy dancing clothes and work shops, but it’s a good idea to spend money on professional dancing shoes. You can get them in dancing shops or at some dancing studios. I have good experience with the brand “Capesio”, but the only way to find the best shoes for you is to try them on dancing! You should definitely try different heel sizes and models. It the shoes have a strong color like red or with glitter, the focus will be on your feet when you are dancing. If you aren't comfortable with your steps yet, you can consider buying shoes close to your skin color. If you want you legs to look longer, use the same color on your shoes as your pants.

4. Exercises:
This is one of the best exercises for your feet: Stand with approximately 30 centimeters between you feet. Lift yourself slowly up on your toes as far as you can get and come down again. Repeat 10 times. This exercise has most effect if you do it without shoes.

5. Stretching:
Stretching is not only good for your arms and legs. Your feet will love to get stretched too! Sit down and put one foot on the opposite knee. With your hand, pull the toes both to the back and to the front. Feel the stretching while you are counting until 30. Change foot.

I hope that these five easy steps to “how to get happy feet” will make you enjoy the Salsa dancing even more. If you give your feet just some minutes of attention every day, you can look forward to many years where you can enjoy the sensual, energetic and elegant dance called Salsa!

Saludos, Fernando Salsabrava Hernàndez
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