- surprise the bride or groom-to-be with salsa!

A polterabend is a “once in a lifetime” event! With a salsa lesson you can make this event even more unforgettable and fun. The energetic music and the sensual dance makes salsa (or Zumba) a perfect ingredient for a memorable ”polterabend”.

The word Polterabend is a mix of the two german word ”polter” and ”abend”, which means ”to be
loud” and ”evening”. This event is a traditional way to celebrate the future married couple and to wish them all the
best for their life together. It's also an event where the friends are ”reminding” the bride-to-be or groom-to-be what they will ”miss” when they are married. Taking the future bride or groom to dance at the Polterabend is one of the top four activities in Denmark.

Through the years, Salsa Brava has been one of the highlights at the Polterabend for many soon to be wed couples. We know exactly which music to play to make people move, even if they have never been dancing before. We also know very well how to teach the group in a cheerful and informal way. Of course we will focus mostly on the bride-to-be or groom-to-be, but you can be sure that everyone will enjoy this occasion, because we will request the whole group to attend the dance.

You are very welcome to contact us today for an offer. Our prices are fair and competitive. If needed,  we will take care of the location.

Saludos, Danish champion in salsa, professional showdancer and choreographer, international salsa teacher & Zumba instructor.